Grenite Recycled Glass Sparkling Surfaces are the jewel of our new line-up.

Built on recycled glass, one of our society's most common waste products, it brings performance, luster and beauty to surfaces as it turns trash into a productive product.

Contemporary and trending, Grenite Recycled Glass surfaces rival quartz-based products in performance and cost and is easily fabricated using the standard quartz material tools and techniques.

  • 57%-62% recycled content.
  • NSF, Greenguard, Greenguard for Schools certified. Class A (1) Fire Rated.
  • ¬†Available in 2cm (13/16") thick, 60"x120" sheets.
  • Available in 6 stocked colors. Consult your Grenite representative for other colors or custom colors.
  • 10-year limited warranty.
  • Component parts can be built to customer specifications.
  • Easily fabricated with traditional quartz surface tools and techniques.
Grenite Recycled Glass Surface pic1
Grenite Recycled Glass Surface pic2