Grenite® Products

Grenite® Sustainable Solutions LLC is the world leader in sustainable surfaces. We offer what no other source can - a complete range of prices, colors, materials and performance features to match any project's requirements.

Grenite key products/colors are stocked and distributed from our east and west coast warehouses. All Grenite surfaces can also be made to your order and require a 4 - 8 week production lead time. (Manufacturing is fast, shipping is slow!). This allows us to deliver superior quality, unsurpassed surface materials with recycled content at prices equal to virgin sourced material. Additionally this process gives us the flexibility to build custom materials to your specifications.

Our factory allows us to offer greater value to you: The Grenite Components program. Factory production of spec components can yield 5 or more pieces for the price of one. Grenite components can be made from any Grenite surface material or custom made to match your specifications.

Grenite Recycled Glass Surface
Grenite Recycled Solid Surface
Grenite Basic Recycled Quartz Surface
Grenite Contemporary Recycled Quartz Surface
Grenite Marblestone